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Hubbard Poultry - 20% Layer Feed

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UPC: 846590001528
Brand: Ranchway

20% Lay Feed is protein, mineral, and vitamin supplement that is designed to be combined with grains (such as Hen Scratch) to make a complete ration for laying hens.

This feed is available in both a granular or pelleted form!

Features of the 20% Lay Feed include:

  • A natural fungal-based (dried Aspergillus niger fermentation product) enzyme pack to aid in the break-down of the different components of the diet. Enzymes include amylase, β-glucanase, cellulose, pectinase, xylanase, phytase, and protease.
  • A balanced amino acid profile of Lysine, Methionine, and Cystine. These amino acids are needed to support the dynamic turn-over and growth of structural (bones, ligaments, and muscles) and protective (skin and feathers) tissues in the bird.
  • Elevated Choline (a B-vitamin) which aids in fat metabolism, supports cognitive function, and serves as an anti-inflammatory agent.

The benefits of these features include:

  • Improved animal performance and economic efficiency.
  • Improved consistency in daily egg production in layers.
  • Support of yolk formation in laying birds.


Keep Ranch-Way 20% Lay Feed before birds at all times. Ranch-Way 20% Lay Feed can be fed as the sole diet to laying hens or can be fed along with Ranch-Way Hen Scratch. Do not exceed 1 part Hen Scratch to three parts Ranch-Way Lay Pellets in the total diet.

Note: Pullets require more feed than mature hens to complete their growth. More feed will be required in cold weather than in warm weather. Fresh, clean water, grit and oyster shell should be kept before birds at all times.

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